Friday, July 13, 2012

#theCoolhunterRipOff rant...

So, there's this "guy"...

He has a website: which links to services from:

And this "guy", also has instagram and twitter @thecoolhunter and Facebook. And he claims to be "Roaming the globe.... so you're in the know"

But actually what these social media accounts seam to be, are professional ripoffs off other people's work without giving them due credit. "He" does not roam the globe. Unless doing it virtually over the web and other people's work counts.

Here's an example:

The difference to this: GIVING CREDIT to the author... Pedro Pinheiro @ppinheiro76

When called out on it "he" deletes people's comments. Keeps the photo. Still won't give credit.

There are other too. Many other... like this:

So, to be honest, I don't even think he's a person. But a brand created to generate hype and traffic to the commercial site.

"Company Overview The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity in all of its modern manifestations. Since its inception in 2004 The Cool Hunter has become the world's most-read culture and design site, a leading authority on all things creative and a truly global hub for what's cool, thoughtful, innovative and original. We value global relevance, not trends, channeling our discoveries to our worldwide audience.

But hey... I could be wrong. If I am, I'll admit to it and/or even delete this. No problem...

You've been called out. What's it gonna be?

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