Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Honda Jade is the Wagon You’ve Always Wanted - Part II

Just to add some more info (media mostly) to my previous post.

The infotainement system has a "SmartphoneConnection" app for iPhone from Honda:

(JP App Store only)

According to video below and Google translator, it should mirror the iPhone on the onboard display, and stream the audio to car speakers, through a HMDI connection.

Also works on Android via USB/BT and makes full use of (for example) the HTC One "car mode".

More info/videos here:

(slow loading link from the other side of the world)


HondasAcuras .com seams to like it too as it would be good for the "new" growing segment of small, sporty and efficient MPVs (some photos) in the US:


China Auto Web has a good photo gallery with some images from the rear suspension:
VTi RRear
VTi RRear
EXi RRear
EXi LRear

And also specs for the 1.8L. It's divided into EXi 5Auto and VTi CVT (both have 5 or 4+a seats).

Full gallery below:

---------------------------------------------------- had some people on the rear seats so we can actually see how fitting they are:

They refer to 5 speed manual or CVT choice, but sadly I think not, unless AT in China means Manual...

Middle 2 Seat Row
Rear Row

Last but not least. Now anyone can have a Honda Jade! Well, a die cast model at least...

eBay link

The more I see, the more I want one...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"The Honda Jade is the Civic Wagon You’ve Always Wanted"

This is the tittle of an article in China Car Times (link). And it's perfect.

I've ranted about not liking the Current Civic and the Tourer for mostly one serious basic reason (rear axle), and a couple added ones (style and engine choice).

Now there's a new Honda around. It's called the Jade and it's gorgeous...

Also it's based in the latest Stream platform (the one sold in Japan and nowhere else) which allows it to be the sporty small MPV I learned to love. It has proper independent rear suspension, it's roomy, full of high tech inside and did I mention it's beautiful?

One more thing, it's 5 to 7 seater (actually the 5 seater doesn't have the extra row ins the back) or a 4 to 6 seater. The later actually is perfect for me too. I daily drive with my 2 kids in the back, and occasionally take my in-laws along on weekend or summer vacation.

Here's a cool animation of the 4-6 seater config:

(right click and choose play if it doesn't automatically)

Sadly it's China only for now. Sadly as well, only 1.8 and 2.0 gasoline engines are available.

One has to wonder how hard would it be to stick the 1.6 i-dtec / 1.6 petrol in it and sell then in Europe?

Apparently, the whole world wants this new "Stream" if you take into account the feedback from people in forums:

All the official info available is on the Chinese site:

More images below:


High Tech

Proper rear suspension

5 Seater Version.

4 to 6 Seater Version.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Disney, to infinity and beyond?

Well, Skylanders was a success at our home, but this is shaping up to be a bigger one.

Basically the idea is to have toy figures that are also characters in a game. Disney took this a bit further by adding their most famous characters into a game where you can live adventures in "sets" from or based on the little toys' movies.

The amount of figures and sets is now interesting enough, but most importantly it has the (Disney) potential to grow forever (or until they deem it lucrative enough).

So a few questions need to be asked/answered:

1st - which platforms is it available on?

PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and #DS (that's # for numeral, as in 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL)

So, to start you need to buy the one for the console you already own. Then, if you have more than one, check which base/portal is best for you. In the Skylander case, the PS3 portal was Wii compatible. In the Disney Infinity case, it's the same, PS3 and Wii plus WiiU. If you want/need/get the 3DS or Xbox, it'll only work on those consoles.

Nintendo 3DS Base
Model No:  INF-8032383
FCC ID: QOF-8032383
IC:  10749A-8032383

Microsoft Xbox 360 Base
Model No:  INF-8032385
FCC ID: QOF-8032385
IC:  10749A-8032385

Sony PS3 / Nintendo Wii and Wii U Base
Model No:  INF-8032386
FCC ID: QOF-8032386
IC:  10749A-8032385

If you have a PS3 and a "modded" Wii, then it's a no brainer. Get the PS3 Starter Pack. Portal will work on the Wii as well.

If your kids have #DS consoles, then you're always gonna have to get the "3DS Starter Pack" separately no matter what console you have at home.

Price should be about the same for all, though they may vary from store/site (expect ~ €65).

2nd - Which game/bundle should I buy?

Well obviously you start with a starter pack for the chosen platform. Then as time goes by and your kids express their preferences, go for additional play sets.

You'll get three Play Set Pieces with your Starter Pack that give you access to the Monsters University, Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Incredibles to play with they supplied Mr Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Sulley figures. Also you get one Power Disc. These can be put under your characters to give them extra abilities (round) or extra toys to your Toy Box (hexagonal). Those can be from a mix of Disney characters, including not featured in games/sets.

3rd - Then what's next?

Additional play sets (to Incredibles, Monsters and Pirates of the Caribbean) will bring you games and character packs from ToyStory, The Lone Ranger and Cars:

And as stated you can also purchase additional individual characters for each set (21 total so far):

And Power Discs (see all those extra abilities from extra Disney characters):

And once you have all the sets and figures (you want), there will surely be many more in the future for you to spend your money on!

Also with the "Toy Box" you can even create your own games, mix characters, worlds, rules and share it with friends online if you like.

So yes, to quote Buzz:

More info:

3's UK iPhone users snapshot:

A Snapshot Of UK’s iPhone Habits
View the iPhone 5s on Three

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The right Honda for you:

Maybe you're in Brazil and you'd like to get a bike. Something like this 125cc to get you started maybe:

...or this 100 scooter:

...or a Custom 750:

...or maybe a Naked 600? Just be sure not to try to rob it a gun point or you may end up like this guy:

Meh... maybe a Hornet isn't the right bike for you!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Nintendo DS rant

Instead of hating, maybe I should thank Nintendo for their DS line up of consoles.

You see, despite having (in chronological order) a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox360, a second PSP, a pink GBA, a blue GBA, and a Wii, both my kids still want a DS.

Why? Because other kids have them too to start with, but also cause the gaming experience is fairly more their age (6 and 8). I see this at home where they may have some fun with the Sony consoles (portable or not), but end up playing on the Wii for much longer than any other. And completely ignore the Xbox.

So yes, a DS could be one too many consoles especially considering the price/feature ratio for me, as an adult. Comparing it to a PSP. The price and some reservations regarding 3D gaming and screen size kept us (me?) form going for it for, well 2 years now.

So, in short, 3DS screen was too small especially for 3D and a bit pricy. Then came the XL but that was way too expensive. Then the cheaper 2DS was announced and I thought, "well, this is it, I'm not gonna have anymore excuses to not get one". And so we were all set on getting a pair of them.

But that was before I saw it, and read about it on the web. You see, the new 2DS is not the DS we were looking for.

Seriously, they should stick to what works (and sells) and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead of just a normal folding Nintendo console without 3D and cheaper, Nintendo launched a huge no folding, exposed screens slab, with mono sound.

It gets better: no protecting case/bag/sleeve included, no power save features (on a console that doesn't close to stand-by), less battery performance than previous XL (more than 3D though), less portable, heavier and just maintaining the display size of the original 3DS, which I considered small to start with.

But like I said at the beginning, I should thank them. Their failure to convince me to get them is saving me money (2x€129,99 on 2DS, 2x€169,99 on 3DS or 2x€199,99 - 3DS XL)

Here's a cool video review:

I'll reserve the final verdict to when I get my hands on them.

It really looks huge and awkward in the kids' hands. And I can't stand that mono speaker on the left.

So, I got two used DSI XL with 2 games and a "broken" (?) R4 for €160. 

I know, I know. It's just a big display that kind of zooms on the DSI low resolution and can't play the latest games. But it was cheap, looks and feels good, and has a huge library of games to start with. That will keep them busy until a 2DS XL comes out.

And yes, Nintendo will give us another DS soon... hopefully a proper (folding) 2DS XL.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Digit update. 4 weeks.

Contrary to doctors' orders I decided to keep it under wraps and moist today. Looked a lot better than the callous it appeared like yesterday and the days before, after removing the dressing. 

Then I noticed some skin wanting to shed. So I patiently shedded it from the tip and it started to peel back over the wound. 

Slowly I understood it was old dead skin, with fresh new one underneath. 

Eventually and surprisingly easily I got it all out to show that brand new flesh and skin perfectly grown in place.

Just disinfected it and I'll be covering it with a simple band-aid for another day, so the new skin gets used to the air.

It'll be 4 weeks tomorrow since it was sliced to the bone and hanging by the tip, and I'm confident I can consider it "done" by then.

Healing like a wolverine... well, almost :-)

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