Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Migrants and Refugees

1 - Migrants? 

We're not talking about a bunch of "gypsies" moving from a country to another. Seriously, these people run from death and persecution in their countries, risk their lives to escape and seek permanent asylum. They ARE refugees.

2 - Should Europe receive them?

Wait, there's a choice? People are running for their lives. It doesn't matter if we have the political responsibility for what is happening in their home countries, or the economical conditions to do so, we have the moral responsibility to shelter, feed and care for them until integration solutions are put in place.

3 - Islamic xenophobia, terrorism and "demands"?

Of course there is racism in Europe. And stupidity. And many other bad things. And we have fear of terrorism, and by islamic people specifically. Because we live in permanent threat and have very fresh events that remind us of what a dumb brain washed radical (Islamic sadly) can do to anyone. So yes, I'm very tolerant of all religions and have friends of different creeds and races, but I will not automatically extend the same trust to everyone. I'm tolerant, not stupid. 

And if there are a few radical organized groups demonstrating to be against the refugee integration, well, deal with it! Like we deal with "radicals" that use bombs, murder journalists in cold blood and throw planes at buildings. And at least even the racist, anti-integration Europeans are not going around killing refugees.

Also this is hardly the time for refugees to make demands or complain about the how, where or when they will be integrated. This is the time to be grateful. Refugees run from DEATH. We don't kill refugees. I'd say it's a pretty good deal to start with. If refugees show gratitude, they'll gain support. Make demands, and you're a problem. We already have a lot of those. And leechers too.

Does anyone really think Europe has the jobs and houses to welcome them all with open arms? We are in the middle of a crisis. Which is nothing compared to the drama of the refugees. But at least we are trying to take care of them. Yes, in a disorganized, polarized and inefficient way, but at least we are not trying to kill them. 

Do like this guy. Show some gratitude. It'll work wonders in Europe, you'd be surprised.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Windows 10 (or 8 and above) remove password prompt every time I boot up.

Windows 8 and 10 have this annoying "feature" of always prompting you for your password, and not allowing auto login on boot.

Most users won't have an issue with this, but others really don't care for it on their laptop PC or shared Desktop.

The solution is to tell windows to memorize a user/password for auto-login:

Win+R (run)
netplwiz (enter)

Unckeck the option:
Fill in your user name and password one last time:

You're wellcome.


IF you for some reason have to reset or change your Microsoft password, you'll start getting logon errors until you repeat this process and memorize the new password.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 (how to get it on any PC)

UPDATE: if you're looking or an update solution of a current legal and eligible windows installation, then use the media creation tool and keep your license and not the preview version full installation below.

Well, after a first attempt about a month ago, I decided I had no time and/or patience to deal with Alpha or Beta software releases. I suffer enough from the iOS and OS X ones.

But this week I decided to try again.

So I updated the Lumia 930 to "Slow Ring" version and was quite surprised that this time it actually works. Yes it's buggy, apps are slowish and crash a bit but I've yet to witness a reboot (or even a respring equivalent).

Decided to go a step further and chance a PC update. So after a cautions approach (with a secondary drive install of the x86) I quickly found it's worth using in the main drive, x64 style.

Had a bit of a nuisance with the activation (no more insiders/previewers/beta testers allowed) but got around it by doing a post installation activation via CMD. No hacks, no cracks.

Anyone can still do it if interested, courtesy of MS official USB boot creator and those few activation steps.

Here's how:

1 - Go to Microsoft's Windows 10 download page (on a PC) and download the appropriate tool.
(If you're running a x86 OS to create the tool, download the 32-bit version, if an x64 then the 64-bit. You can create an x86 from a 64-bit tool and vice-versa. What matters is where the tool will run and then you select which version (32 or 64) you want on your USB thumb drive).

2 - Run the tool and select the appropriate version (Pro obviously) and the architecture for the computer you'll be installing it onto (32 or 64 bit, "both" didn't seem to work for me);

3 - Install Windows and always skip the activation step when presented, until you have Windows installed and are running on your new Win10 Desktop. Internet connections is necessary as well.

4 - Hit "Windows" key (or click start/win logo) and type CMD
   - Right click on the search result (Command Prompt) and select "Run as Administrator"
   - Type (or copy and then right click to paste) the following:

    slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
    slmgr /skms
    slmgr /ato

And that's that... You're welcome.

Note 1: the above key is the "insiders" default and very much public (Windows 10 PRO) key, and no one really knows what will happen next, only that it's supposed to remain active and free for all those that helped develop the OS. That is why it stopped activating online just by inputing that key onto the GUI activation dialog a few days before the official launch. Who knows if, when or how they'll address this CMD bypass.

Note 2: There are also Enterprise and Home editions keys out there, just create the thumb drive with the appropriate version and change the key in the 1st command above.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reflections on the biggest motorsport weekend of the year.

I've been pretty busy (work, family) so yeah I'm a bit late and still lacking some bits of info but here goes.


Oh, yes. The rally is back! Back to my country (for a few years now) and back to where it's supposed to be. Though some classic stages in the center of the country are still missing (Sintra for one), it's now out of the "sterile" stereotyped Algarve and into to mixed, technical and spectacular stages in the North, framed by the incredible fans from the north of Portugal AND Spain.

You see, Rally is a spectator sport. Not to be seen in stands watching cars go by at a huge distance while having to buy food and drink from predefined (and expensive) stands.

Rally is going into the heart of your countryside, finding a suitable spot early in the morning, and enjoying the outdoors, the other fans' company, the home cooked food you carry with you and also the sight, sound and dirt of the cars going by.

Here's a personal video from this year:

There is no way for the rally to be a spectator sport in the South. It's incredibly limited in that way both by the "show areas" installed by the organization and by the sheer number of fans. I mean look at this:

That was taken from the Michelin Video:

Here's the official highlights:

And, they behaved. Well, most of them and for the most time.

Welcome back WRC. Welcome back home!

Indy 500.

After all the talk of danger (still a hanging sword over the organization, after the Dan Wheldon crash) and cars flying and what not in practice, it was a brilliant classic Indy race. Some incidents, lots of good racing and brave gutsy high speed overtaking.
I though Dixon had it made (slightly fastest) but one can never rule out Power and Montoya. In the end JP's bravery, and even a bit of luck with that pit-out traffic for Will, meant the winner wasn't the one I was expecting. But unlike in F1, it wasn't due to some very awkward decision and those very "conspiracy fueling" events. It was genuinely GOOD RACING.

You can watch the final laps right here:

NASCAR... I fell asleep. It may due to my current physical/mental state, but it's kind of recurrent now. Anyway, you can watch the whole thing here (no embedding allowed)

F1 Monaco GP. I should've fallen asleep.

1 - Seriously... Lewis lost in such an amateurish decision in a house like Mercedes? I'll just leave it to the conspiracy theorists
2 - Alonso penalty. Versus no penalty for Ricciardo. Utter BS.
3 - Button scoring points. Expected to happen sooner or later, McHonda is on a careful but pretty good progress and is already starting to challenge for midgrid status. Pretty good for so little development time. Only good thing in the sorry weekend for me.
4 - Romain vs Verstappen. The battle of the hates. "Romain is a crasher" versus "The kid's too young". All wrong, all idiotic nonsense. Romain is a fighter and was holding his own, Max is a fighter and was trying to make himself another place. Typical GP2 crash, in a good way. No foul play, all done in the limit of fairplay. Penalizing Max was as idiotic as it would be to penalize Romain for defending.

So, yes... pretty much a let down. I end up nit picking at details instead of talking about racing, speed and overtakes. This is not racing, it's politics.

No use posting highlights as well, as they will soon be taken down by the copyright boogeyman... and not really worthy either so...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pedro, o Pinto e o Porto e o Porco

Pedro "Pig" Pinto

Podia pegar neste post e pontuar pelo pejorativo pusilanime, para proporcionar um pequeno pagode ou paródia com Pedro Pinto.

Algo próprio do palpitar popular do pobre passatempo de publicar parangonas ou proferir palermices pelo propósito único de pedir para si a passarela do protagonismo, mas não é a minha profissão.

Podia proferir palavras e impropérios para com o pedante prevaricador, mas ia provavelmente prejudicar a sua progenitora, e possivelmente provocar-me problema precisante de "pensos" ou pelo menos a precisar de paliativos de parentes.

Podia precaver-me e projectar para a sua pessoa apenas. E primar por palavrinhas passíveis de pouca provocação (palhaço, parvalhão) mas preservo assim a sua privacidade, sem provocar ou "picar", para depois não penar com problemas priscológicos ou pessoais.

Prefiro antes pecar por proficuamente proferir palavras preposicionadas pelo P da palavra Porto. E também porco, para que com provecta prosa possa proferir o que penso.

Penso e proponho que Pedro Pinto primaria pelo profissionalismo se prontamente se predispusesse a por em "pratos limpos" a palavra proferida, presumidamente sem pretensão pejorativa. Um pedido de perdão pela "porcaria" protagonizada (porco, porcaria? perceberam?).

O problema é que a passagem não prima por pontual. Prende-se ao passado onde em parecido palco proferiu previamente um pobre "Futebol Clube do Porco". Prescreveu assim possível perdão por pecado pontual, e o perdão por pecado perene não foi pedido. Prefere pelos vistos parecer profissional e puritano, não tendo o propósito por Portistas pretendido, prostrado a protelar, parecendo pretender procurar passar despercebido.

Peca pois por protagonizar duas passagens, sem pedir perdão. Logo não pode ser poupado.

Pena. Pena principalmente num profissional, predominante pessoa publica neste pais, que passa por esse portal poderoso, plantado em praticamente todo o pouso em Portugal.

O pior, é que era passível de passar impune neste paraíso de palermas que perdoam passado pouco. Para isso pedia-se apenas que o pedisse.


Prova da prevaricação postada aqui (com link para video):
"Pedro Pinto engana-se no nome do FC Porto... Outra vez"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

GermanWings Flight 4U9525 Crash. A theory.

Based on linear descent and info leaked from voice recorders.

1 - A320 depressurization occurs. Pilots set plane on a descent to safe "cabin altitude" (1000, 1500 or max 2000m depending on airplane).

2 - Pilot leaves cockpit to check/attend to emergency/request/crew/etc in cabin and closes cockpit door behind him (safety regulations mandate door must be closed at all times, and can only open from the inside)

3 - For some reason, co-pilot is unresponsive (unconscious, malfunctioning oxygen mask, not using it, etc) and cannot open door. He has no change in breathing to the end, so alive, but clearly not seeing mountains/hearing alarms. Even if on purpose he'd be breathing heavy while facing death.

4 - Sadly they were going over a ridge with >2000m and the plane was set to fly lower than it. With no one to correct it (very easily considering good visibility at the time and plane warnings), it flew itself into the ground.

A complicated set of circumstances turned a "simple" emergency into a tragedy, leaving many questions still unanswered:

- what made the pilots dive the plane, was it depressurization?
- why did the pilot leave the cockpit and the co-pilot alone (was he?)
- what happened to the co-pilot that he could not (in clear visibility) correct the plane trajectory or open door?
- and most importantly, what can be made to prevent this from ever happening again?

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Circus is back #F1

Well, both Mercedes and Lewis were in a class of their own. 

After that Seb being Seb, fast, hotlapping and leapfrogging opponents in the pits, but racing anyone who gets beside him off the black stuff, regardless whom it is. Even if it's his team mate who had just out dragged him in the start and yet left him half the track into turn one. Not sure Kimi will be that kind again in the near future. 

That antic actually set in motion the pile up that ended in Pastor's crash. Which in all fairness can't be blamed on him, however being the one on the outside he was the only one who could do anything to avoid the contact, which he didn't. But one can only expect so much from him... 

Massa was pretty good and we do have to wonder where would've Bottas finished, he was pretty strong all weekend. 

A few more notes: first Saubers and Toro Rosso going strong and RBR complaining and blaming Renault or unfair Merc advantage... if Sauber, with one less practice and pretty novice drivers did what they did (Nasr in particular) and the hand picked Ricciardo and Kyviat are struggling againts the 2nd RB team, you can hardly blame external factors and/or the engine. They need to get their act together, the sooner they stop complaining the better. 

Second Grosjean... seriously, the kid can't catch a break. 

Third, Honda and Mac did the right thing. Yes it's painful to watch (as a Honda and Button "fan") but at least they got 56 laps of running. It's more than all previous testing put together. They can only build on that, and it's more than what Lotus did last year in the first races (IIRC). 

Last note: It's very sad to see drivers in the pits the whole weekend that are not expected to race. Not just the Sauber legal affairs, or the Marussia drivers. The test/reserve drivers, especially Wolf. Seriously, a perfectly good Williams was left in the pits cause they couldn't find the time to let her do a FP and thus be allowed to race. But also the Lotus (what's her name?). Word is she hasn't even hit the simulator. Of course considering how long the main drivers are using it (cause not on track) she might find it hard to secure a slot in there...

Anyway, the circus if back, bring on the next one, hopefully with Alonso and Bottas back!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Custom Gaming Console Wall Shelf (or shelves)

Got this Lack on the opportunities section at Ikea, at half price. Shuffled it around never quite finding the right place for it. Then I remembered to use it as Gaming Console Stand. Searched the web and found out it's mostly hollow so you can pass all necessary cables, and it's supposed to be hanged on a wall so weight wouldn't be an issue. So here it is in my home office/play room:

Some detail of the cutting work:

Around the middle it has a reinforcing beam, so you can't pass the cables all the way, but some cables won't be long enough to come out through the bottom and back up to the tv/switch/etc anyway, so I just drilled a hole in the back, above half height to feed them in.

Initially it had the Wii, PS2 and XBox, but I later added the PS3 that was on the living room as well, when I found I could also fit the seat with the G25. But that's another story/hack, maybe I'll publish that when it's properly finished :-) 

I still want to cover the power cables, but it'll do for now. Also looking for another one for the left side, to place the games, and I'm likely gonna get a small Lack over the TV as well.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The King is Dead. Long live the King. #911

The New Porsche Cayman GT4: may just and finally dethrone the 911 in my heart...

Pretty serious business.

But then again...

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