Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three weeks update (GORE ALERT)

I can finally consider my mangled finger "glued back". 

WARNING: don't scroll down if you're sensitive, there is a current picture of the healing wound.

Doctor said, and several nurses that took care of the dressings, that after being closed, I could and should let it open, the air would help it heal. 

I most certainly am not going to do that. It is too fresh, sensitive and susceptible. I need to do all kinds of daily, domestic and personal stuff like cooking, driving, bathing etc and it is not _that_ good to be left in the open, exposed to natural and mundane daily aggression. 

It looks good, in a half fried sausage kind of way, it has taken a good breathe for a few hours, but I'm gonna keep it under wraps for a couple more days.

Also, mobility is limited as expected, but more painful than I'd though. Tissues underneath feel glued together and any attempt on moving is like I have a mini razor blade inside it (not surface wound pain). 

Well, it still looks very good, very fast.

Wolverine healing rocks! More booze please ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Invasões de campo.

Isto é proteger um adepto pacífico que invade o campo:

Isto é agressão e obstrução à justiça:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7 seats. Different engineering solutions to the same problem.

The high tech solution:

Tesla Model S "Jump Seats"

The simple and cheap solution:

Datsun Go+

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A fortunate birthday...

I've had better birthdays. But this was still a very good birthday.

It happens to occur on the summer's end, so I can always be on vacation on my birthday, and that makes it easy to have a good day, every year. 

This year I managed to break a window with my hands on my vacation. Fortunately it wasn't on my birthday. 

Fortunately as well, despite seriously severing part of a finger, and cutting a vein on another (besides other cuts) it was my left hand that took the worst cutting (and I'm not a lefty) and nothing was totally detached. I managed to quick and smartly "put it back" and wrap it tightly. That mean it could be stitched back in place. I was also very fortunate no tendons were harmed in the process.

I have my inlaws with me. So they could tend to the kids while me and my wife rushed to a hospital. Theres is a large network of private Hospitals and Clinics in the country, so I was able to find one and be immediately taken care of. Again, very fortunately for me.

Fortunately the doctor and nurse involved were professional and effective while caring and personal. During the sewing (which involved stitching in one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the finger tip and aroung the finger nail, where no anesthesia can numb the body and remove the pain) the doctor respected my feeelings, my time to breathe, or rather catch my breath between each stitch, while a nurse offered her hand. Which was very seriously squeezed in the worst parts of the process along the uncontrolable tear and groan of pain.

Fortunately an outstanding job was done, and there was humor, sympathy and empathy.

That was just 3 days ago. 3 days before my birthday. That I was fortunate enough to enjoy and celebrate over dinner with my familly, with only a wrapped finger and a small bandaid placed in the first dressing yesterday.

Yes, I've had better birthdays. But this was still a very good birthday.

PS sorry for any misspells or formats, posted with one hand, from the iPhone :-)

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