Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Migrants and Refugees

1 - Migrants? 

We're not talking about a bunch of "gypsies" moving from a country to another. Seriously, these people run from death and persecution in their countries, risk their lives to escape and seek permanent asylum. They ARE refugees.

2 - Should Europe receive them?

Wait, there's a choice? People are running for their lives. It doesn't matter if we have the political responsibility for what is happening in their home countries, or the economical conditions to do so, we have the moral responsibility to shelter, feed and care for them until integration solutions are put in place.

3 - Islamic xenophobia, terrorism and "demands"?

Of course there is racism in Europe. And stupidity. And many other bad things. And we have fear of terrorism, and by islamic people specifically. Because we live in permanent threat and have very fresh events that remind us of what a dumb brain washed radical (Islamic sadly) can do to anyone. So yes, I'm very tolerant of all religions and have friends of different creeds and races, but I will not automatically extend the same trust to everyone. I'm tolerant, not stupid. 

And if there are a few radical organized groups demonstrating to be against the refugee integration, well, deal with it! Like we deal with "radicals" that use bombs, murder journalists in cold blood and throw planes at buildings. And at least even the racist, anti-integration Europeans are not going around killing refugees.

Also this is hardly the time for refugees to make demands or complain about the how, where or when they will be integrated. This is the time to be grateful. Refugees run from DEATH. We don't kill refugees. I'd say it's a pretty good deal to start with. If refugees show gratitude, they'll gain support. Make demands, and you're a problem. We already have a lot of those. And leechers too.

Does anyone really think Europe has the jobs and houses to welcome them all with open arms? We are in the middle of a crisis. Which is nothing compared to the drama of the refugees. But at least we are trying to take care of them. Yes, in a disorganized, polarized and inefficient way, but at least we are not trying to kill them. 

Do like this guy. Show some gratitude. It'll work wonders in Europe, you'd be surprised.

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