Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smartphone marketing...

How to do it right:

How NOT to do it. At all:
(by Samsung, who else...)

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Real Racing 3 rant - Part III

Back in February (when in Europe we couldn't get RR3 yet) someone had nailed it perfectly already.

Only got around to read it today, but it's perfect.

BTW, updated stats:
 - 70% completed
 - 36/48 cars
 - 539 Gold (coming on 800)
 - 0 money spent

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The FIAT 500e rant...

Apparently FIAT didn't want to build an EV. Apparently they made the best one around.

I say apparently, because they won't admit to having done it by accident, and I haven't tried one yet.

But it looks like that by "just" building it, instead of over thinking over loading and over marketing it, they made what people want. A simple, economical and usable means of transportation.

They did not put an eco/sport mode dial on it. Or annoying eco friendly "trophy" lights. Or over cooked dashes and gadgets, gizmos, bells and whistles.

It just goes, inexpensively and for quite a bit of time(*) with simplicity and economy.
It's much a proper modern 500, in it's "popular & revolutionary" attire, than than any new ICE one.

Many times the best - or at least the best selling - cars are a surprise. I think (and kind of hope) this is one of them.

Damon Lavrinc from Wired seams to have got it as well, click the image for full review:

FIAT 500e
FIAT 500e

Oh and it also comes in orange. My favorite car color :-)

(*) it can do 100km even 160 if properly managed, above rated, but probably also will do like 50km on "hooning mode"

The Real Racing 3 rant - Part II

A bit over a month I vented against people quickly and unjustly labeling Real Racing 3 as terrible for it's freemium model here.

I'd like to do a quick update and say it is still on my "Daily Games" folder. The progress is 66% completed, 33 out of 48 cars owned, and still a lot of stuff (ok, races...) I want to get done.

It will be hard to own all cars. Especially those 6 with 7 digit prices and the one worth 800 gold (already at 444 and own all other that must be purchased with Gold only). But the "need" to get it all and the great gaming experience it provides makes me come back every day. Also, regular "showcase" events and the occasional update with new cars and races don't hurt.

But point was and still is, people like me are still playing it, and I have NOT spent a cent on it.

In said folder there is also Simpsons Tapped Out and Flight Tycoon. Also freemium. Didn't spend a cent on those either, I am far well into to the games and I keep coming back every day.

And never felt the need for a "Twix" instead...

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