Sunday, November 6, 2016

The US elections 2016

It's quite simple actually guys...

At first glance, you'd be choosing between Trump the hut, and the honest senator Hillary Palpatine.


Truth is, when you dig under the dirt, Trump's the womanizer kid scoundrel who suddenly grew smarter.

Who suddenly realized he could get away from the grip of the evil empire, and make a quick buck while doing the right thing... which is not so bad, when you consider he is only going to be there 4 years, 8 max.

And as you dig deeper you find the other side is already an evil empire. Led by an artificial leader kept alive by who knows what kind of drugs and medical procedures just like the dark lord Vader.

So basically, and to keep it real simple, you're actually choosing between "Old Ben Kenobi" and "Emperor Palpatine".


So choose wisely you must, young padawans.

Vote in peace and may the force be with you...

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