Friday, June 28, 2013

Project Datsun 1200. Day 4.

"Cleaning is overrated. I need to get some stuff done" I though.

So I decided to go ahead with the brake and clutch pump removal.

Well, removing them per-se was easy. But I couldn't get the brake fluid lines out. They are stuck and rusty, so forcing them would just destroy the bolt heads.

Decided to screw them back on to get proper leverage, left the brake line connectors "soaking" and now I need one of these to continue:

(vise grip pliers)

Actually I have one of these. But someone borrowed it and never returned it. I hate when people do that...

Another option will be to instead of removing it like this (see brake lines hanging, clutch pump still there):

To remove the other end of the brake lines and get it out like this:

But that will be a job for the weekend. That and getting more light. I have a light, just no where to plug it. Yet...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project Datsun 1200. Day 3.

...or night 3. Or day 4, cause it's already Thursday. Or whatever.

Didn't touch it today. Long day, soccer on the tube and then Tennis. And it was great match with a Portuguese victory!

Anyway, I still "worked" on it as I went on the web and started to get a notion of prices of bits and parts I'll need to get. This is what I learned so far:

a) prices vary immensely, and so does quality.

b) as I expected, doing most of the small tasks and recovering parts will come a lot cheaper than buying new.

This is a good incentive to do so, not that I needed it. Cheaper or not I want it to be as original as possible, and that means using it's own parts or at most used but original replacements. Here's an example:

Main brake pump:
new - €300
reconditioned - €200
repair kit - €20
buying only the necessary new rubber bits locally and recovering the rest - €5

(better keep this one for future reassembly reference)

Obviously the "wear" material is the only thing you need "new" for it to work properly. The rest is just manual work and time.

Also sourced the window rubbers. I will have to buy some of them. Some are the same for all (2 door, 4 door, wagon, ute or coupe), but the door and rear windows are model specific. Will the "universal" all window kit cover all sizes? I'll have to find out.

(ventilator)(not my own)

Then there are glass "runners", door seals and boot and bonnet ones... and prices are all over the place.

I'll have to take a good long look at this, but I have time. I wont need them until the body is done, so I guess I'll eventually find a good bargain on them.

Unfortunately I just don't know which ones do need replacement yet, cause I can't even see the windows or the metal under all that cement dust:

(that's mine)

So for day 4 (or night or whatever) I'm gonna try and clean all that dust off. Gonna need a mask for this one...

I'll need the wheels of anyway soon, either to check and bleed and generally work on the brakes or to get them painted, "new" rear tyres etc, so to finish, I'll get it back on the stands, while the tyres are still full!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Datsun 1200. Day 2.

Well, all 3 tyres held up and I got the spare after removing 2 (!) dashboards out of the trunk. One is the original, the other I think I got it from a friend before his car got scrapped.

Spare is in much better shape than any of the rears (I tended to destroy those fast). So I filled it and got out the magic spray and screwed the nuts in and out a couple times before assembling them definitely:


Then for some pushing. I traded them places, stored the Dyane in the closed garage (also by hand, damn thing never starts now, starter just won't turn) and placed the Dato on a more open and easy to work space:


Before covering the engine, I just had to do a couple more things. As expected, the brake and clutch pedals went to the floor (clutch is hydraulic). Front brake pump cylinder was completely empty, clutch was too with a gooey residue on the bottom but rear brakes still have fluid. Covers are good:

Air filter looked good but it's ruined. Gonna get a KN washable to replace it (as I have in the Stream and Hornet) so I never have to get another crapy paper one:

To end I decided on removing the airbox. I had to, to gain access to more stuff, but also I wanted to clean up the engine cover and oil lid. It was an awesome feeling seeing old blue again. Still gonna have to remove and paint it, but I just wanted to see it again:

The rubber that connects the airbox to the carburetor is ruined and the airbox also needs painting so I took it home to work on in the future.

With the airbox out, I sprayed the outside of the brake and clutch pumps with the magic fluid so I can start working on them in the next few days/steps.

The engine turns easily so the mechanic says it'll start on it's own, with some petrol, a battery and jumper cables. So my goal is to get the clutch and brakes working before trying that. That way I can get it out of the garage and into the (tow and then the) body shop.

I also want to do as much work on it as I can so I don't have to pay for it. It's simple mechanic disassemble and reassemble, some rubber replacements and some deep cleaning. 

Next steps:
1 - take off and carefully sand the inside of the brake and clutch hydraulics, reassemble and replace fluids. Then drain the air out.
2 - change oil and spark plugs, and check the distributor. 

I got a smile so big on my face it hurts!  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Datsun 1200. Day 1.

It's been resting on jack stands and had the rear brake hubs disassembled so they wouldn't stick. So first, close the hubs, then fill up the tyres and set it down.

Unfortunately one wouldn't fill, a busted valve appears to be the culprit:

Today I'll try to get the spare out of the trunk and see if I can make that one work, and if the other three held up through the night. Then out of the closed garage and into an bigger space so I can work on some bits.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Real Racing 3 - rant /end

Around 80% and got every "Gold" car.

Now to wait for more updates while occasionally grinding it to get the cash for the remaining supercars.
I regret not getting them when they were 50% off, but had other priorities at the time.

Anyway, the point I wanted to make is now proven. No money needed. It's not an EA scam.

- You CAN play the whole game without spending a cent.
- You CAN buy all cars without spending a cent.

It's hard, it's a challenge, and it's why I love it.

Want easy riding? Pay for it or go play Fast & Furious 6 instead.

Previous rant parts: I, II, IIIIV

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