Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 (how to get it on any PC)

UPDATE: if you're looking or an update solution of a current legal and eligible windows installation, then use the media creation tool and keep your license and not the preview version full installation below.

Well, after a first attempt about a month ago, I decided I had no time and/or patience to deal with Alpha or Beta software releases. I suffer enough from the iOS and OS X ones.

But this week I decided to try again.

So I updated the Lumia 930 to "Slow Ring" version and was quite surprised that this time it actually works. Yes it's buggy, apps are slowish and crash a bit but I've yet to witness a reboot (or even a respring equivalent).

Decided to go a step further and chance a PC update. So after a cautions approach (with a secondary drive install of the x86) I quickly found it's worth using in the main drive, x64 style.

Had a bit of a nuisance with the activation (no more insiders/previewers/beta testers allowed) but got around it by doing a post installation activation via CMD. No hacks, no cracks.

Anyone can still do it if interested, courtesy of MS official USB boot creator and those few activation steps.

Here's how:

1 - Go to Microsoft's Windows 10 download page (on a PC) and download the appropriate tool.
(If you're running a x86 OS to create the tool, download the 32-bit version, if an x64 then the 64-bit. You can create an x86 from a 64-bit tool and vice-versa. What matters is where the tool will run and then you select which version (32 or 64) you want on your USB thumb drive).

2 - Run the tool and select the appropriate version (Pro obviously) and the architecture for the computer you'll be installing it onto (32 or 64 bit, "both" didn't seem to work for me);

3 - Install Windows and always skip the activation step when presented, until you have Windows installed and are running on your new Win10 Desktop. Internet connections is necessary as well.

4 - Hit "Windows" key (or click start/win logo) and type CMD
   - Right click on the search result (Command Prompt) and select "Run as Administrator"
   - Type (or copy and then right click to paste) the following:

    slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
    slmgr /skms
    slmgr /ato

And that's that... You're welcome.

Note 1: the above key is the "insiders" default and very much public (Windows 10 PRO) key, and no one really knows what will happen next, only that it's supposed to remain active and free for all those that helped develop the OS. That is why it stopped activating online just by inputing that key onto the GUI activation dialog a few days before the official launch. Who knows if, when or how they'll address this CMD bypass.

Note 2: There are also Enterprise and Home editions keys out there, just create the thumb drive with the appropriate version and change the key in the 1st command above.

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