Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reflections on the biggest motorsport weekend of the year.

I've been pretty busy (work, family) so yeah I'm a bit late and still lacking some bits of info but here goes.


Oh, yes. The rally is back! Back to my country (for a few years now) and back to where it's supposed to be. Though some classic stages in the center of the country are still missing (Sintra for one), it's now out of the "sterile" stereotyped Algarve and into to mixed, technical and spectacular stages in the North, framed by the incredible fans from the north of Portugal AND Spain.

You see, Rally is a spectator sport. Not to be seen in stands watching cars go by at a huge distance while having to buy food and drink from predefined (and expensive) stands.

Rally is going into the heart of your countryside, finding a suitable spot early in the morning, and enjoying the outdoors, the other fans' company, the home cooked food you carry with you and also the sight, sound and dirt of the cars going by.

Here's a personal video from this year:

There is no way for the rally to be a spectator sport in the South. It's incredibly limited in that way both by the "show areas" installed by the organization and by the sheer number of fans. I mean look at this:

That was taken from the Michelin Video:

Here's the official highlights:

And, they behaved. Well, most of them and for the most time.

Welcome back WRC. Welcome back home!

Indy 500.

After all the talk of danger (still a hanging sword over the organization, after the Dan Wheldon crash) and cars flying and what not in practice, it was a brilliant classic Indy race. Some incidents, lots of good racing and brave gutsy high speed overtaking.
I though Dixon had it made (slightly fastest) but one can never rule out Power and Montoya. In the end JP's bravery, and even a bit of luck with that pit-out traffic for Will, meant the winner wasn't the one I was expecting. But unlike in F1, it wasn't due to some very awkward decision and those very "conspiracy fueling" events. It was genuinely GOOD RACING.

You can watch the final laps right here:

NASCAR... I fell asleep. It may due to my current physical/mental state, but it's kind of recurrent now. Anyway, you can watch the whole thing here (no embedding allowed)

F1 Monaco GP. I should've fallen asleep.

1 - Seriously... Lewis lost in such an amateurish decision in a house like Mercedes? I'll just leave it to the conspiracy theorists
2 - Alonso penalty. Versus no penalty for Ricciardo. Utter BS.
3 - Button scoring points. Expected to happen sooner or later, McHonda is on a careful but pretty good progress and is already starting to challenge for midgrid status. Pretty good for so little development time. Only good thing in the sorry weekend for me.
4 - Romain vs Verstappen. The battle of the hates. "Romain is a crasher" versus "The kid's too young". All wrong, all idiotic nonsense. Romain is a fighter and was holding his own, Max is a fighter and was trying to make himself another place. Typical GP2 crash, in a good way. No foul play, all done in the limit of fairplay. Penalizing Max was as idiotic as it would be to penalize Romain for defending.

So, yes... pretty much a let down. I end up nit picking at details instead of talking about racing, speed and overtakes. This is not racing, it's politics.

No use posting highlights as well, as they will soon be taken down by the copyright boogeyman... and not really worthy either so...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pedro, o Pinto e o Porto e o Porco

Pedro "Pig" Pinto

Podia pegar neste post e pontuar pelo pejorativo pusilanime, para proporcionar um pequeno pagode ou paródia com Pedro Pinto.

Algo próprio do palpitar popular do pobre passatempo de publicar parangonas ou proferir palermices pelo propósito único de pedir para si a passarela do protagonismo, mas não é a minha profissão.

Podia proferir palavras e impropérios para com o pedante prevaricador, mas ia provavelmente prejudicar a sua progenitora, e possivelmente provocar-me problema precisante de "pensos" ou pelo menos a precisar de paliativos de parentes.

Podia precaver-me e projectar para a sua pessoa apenas. E primar por palavrinhas passíveis de pouca provocação (palhaço, parvalhão) mas preservo assim a sua privacidade, sem provocar ou "picar", para depois não penar com problemas priscológicos ou pessoais.

Prefiro antes pecar por proficuamente proferir palavras preposicionadas pelo P da palavra Porto. E também porco, para que com provecta prosa possa proferir o que penso.

Penso e proponho que Pedro Pinto primaria pelo profissionalismo se prontamente se predispusesse a por em "pratos limpos" a palavra proferida, presumidamente sem pretensão pejorativa. Um pedido de perdão pela "porcaria" protagonizada (porco, porcaria? perceberam?).

O problema é que a passagem não prima por pontual. Prende-se ao passado onde em parecido palco proferiu previamente um pobre "Futebol Clube do Porco". Prescreveu assim possível perdão por pecado pontual, e o perdão por pecado perene não foi pedido. Prefere pelos vistos parecer profissional e puritano, não tendo o propósito por Portistas pretendido, prostrado a protelar, parecendo pretender procurar passar despercebido.

Peca pois por protagonizar duas passagens, sem pedir perdão. Logo não pode ser poupado.

Pena. Pena principalmente num profissional, predominante pessoa publica neste pais, que passa por esse portal poderoso, plantado em praticamente todo o pouso em Portugal.

O pior, é que era passível de passar impune neste paraíso de palermas que perdoam passado pouco. Para isso pedia-se apenas que o pedisse.


Prova da prevaricação postada aqui (com link para video):
"Pedro Pinto engana-se no nome do FC Porto... Outra vez"

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