Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Again with the "no manual" whine?

People just don't get it. And most never will since they (and I) will never own one.

Trying to "sell" the auto-gearbox doesn't help and misses the point completely.

The new GT3 is a better car with that gearbox, allowing drivers to go much more the way of a racing driver, faster. Focusing harder on other than shifting.

I hated Schumacher when he said this (but not because of it) but at the time it made me think... It was the 90's and it went something like "yes, not having to manually shift may look like it's easier, but takes nothing away from the driving, the way I see it we will now be able to focus much more on other things". I still can't stand him, but learned soon that he was right. I started to see more "trajectory perfectionism".

This is what the new GT3 represents. Performance and perfection. On the other end of the scale you have the fun and manual GT-86 that does not give a damn about track times.

Chris seems to be in the correct path to see it as well. Maybe on his 2nd drive?

Like the man said "Shut-up and drive it". If you can. Then express an opinion...

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Real Racing update.

Spent 200k on a "prestige" car that I can do 3 races with before I get to the next one, which costs 300k. Unless I discard the showcase discount, which is dumb. Already have enough Gold but can't get the best car (SLS) for the series because I need to "unlock it" by racing lower events.

Also spent almost as much (could've used all) to upgrade a Lambo because new Performance Ratings don't allow me go "underdog"racing any more. 

Also, I was half way saving to get to a 1million and get the McLaren F1, now I have no money and no new races to do (unless I discard showcases and their discounts).

Not happy...

Also, this:

Sometimes it just hangs here. Nothing I can do to get it back. Lose one "drive" but gain nothing. Have to force close the game.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Datsun 1200. Interlude I

All the races over the weekend and even TopGear restarting left me with little to no time to work on it. Also it's been 36º ouside, so...

Anyway, besides watching Oliveira on Moto3 (1st Portuguese pole!), Moto2, and Rossi back on top on Moto3 at Assen, F1 from Silverstone, WTCC (in Porto, with Monteiro and other Portugueses drivers involved in several categories), WSBK, NASCAR, and a bit of PikesPeak live on the web I did buy this:

...and got my vise grip pliers back. So project cost so far: €6

Oh, "one last thing". I watched this too:

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