Thursday, March 26, 2015

GermanWings Flight 4U9525 Crash. A theory.

Based on linear descent and info leaked from voice recorders.

1 - A320 depressurization occurs. Pilots set plane on a descent to safe "cabin altitude" (1000, 1500 or max 2000m depending on airplane).

2 - Pilot leaves cockpit to check/attend to emergency/request/crew/etc in cabin and closes cockpit door behind him (safety regulations mandate door must be closed at all times, and can only open from the inside)

3 - For some reason, co-pilot is unresponsive (unconscious, malfunctioning oxygen mask, not using it, etc) and cannot open door. He has no change in breathing to the end, so alive, but clearly not seeing mountains/hearing alarms. Even if on purpose he'd be breathing heavy while facing death.

4 - Sadly they were going over a ridge with >2000m and the plane was set to fly lower than it. With no one to correct it (very easily considering good visibility at the time and plane warnings), it flew itself into the ground.

A complicated set of circumstances turned a "simple" emergency into a tragedy, leaving many questions still unanswered:

- what made the pilots dive the plane, was it depressurization?
- why did the pilot leave the cockpit and the co-pilot alone (was he?)
- what happened to the co-pilot that he could not (in clear visibility) correct the plane trajectory or open door?
- and most importantly, what can be made to prevent this from ever happening again?

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Circus is back #F1

Well, both Mercedes and Lewis were in a class of their own. 

After that Seb being Seb, fast, hotlapping and leapfrogging opponents in the pits, but racing anyone who gets beside him off the black stuff, regardless whom it is. Even if it's his team mate who had just out dragged him in the start and yet left him half the track into turn one. Not sure Kimi will be that kind again in the near future. 

That antic actually set in motion the pile up that ended in Pastor's crash. Which in all fairness can't be blamed on him, however being the one on the outside he was the only one who could do anything to avoid the contact, which he didn't. But one can only expect so much from him... 

Massa was pretty good and we do have to wonder where would've Bottas finished, he was pretty strong all weekend. 

A few more notes: first Saubers and Toro Rosso going strong and RBR complaining and blaming Renault or unfair Merc advantage... if Sauber, with one less practice and pretty novice drivers did what they did (Nasr in particular) and the hand picked Ricciardo and Kyviat are struggling againts the 2nd RB team, you can hardly blame external factors and/or the engine. They need to get their act together, the sooner they stop complaining the better. 

Second Grosjean... seriously, the kid can't catch a break. 

Third, Honda and Mac did the right thing. Yes it's painful to watch (as a Honda and Button "fan") but at least they got 56 laps of running. It's more than all previous testing put together. They can only build on that, and it's more than what Lotus did last year in the first races (IIRC). 

Last note: It's very sad to see drivers in the pits the whole weekend that are not expected to race. Not just the Sauber legal affairs, or the Marussia drivers. The test/reserve drivers, especially Wolf. Seriously, a perfectly good Williams was left in the pits cause they couldn't find the time to let her do a FP and thus be allowed to race. But also the Lotus (what's her name?). Word is she hasn't even hit the simulator. Of course considering how long the main drivers are using it (cause not on track) she might find it hard to secure a slot in there...

Anyway, the circus if back, bring on the next one, hopefully with Alonso and Bottas back!

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